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Our sturgeon caviar is a hybrid between Beluga (Huso Dauricus) and Ossietra (Acipenser Schrenckii) fish. With this ingenious solution we have managed to combine the best characteristics of the Ossietra caviar with those of the Beluga caviar in one product. Enjoy the wonderful creamy taste of Beluga caviar and the mild nutty aftertaste of Ossietra caviar.

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TIP: Best price/performance ratio! Mild, almond-like aftertaste Grain size: 3.0 - 3.2 mm Shimmering gold, light brown - amber

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Buttry-nutty taste Grain size: 2.8 - 3.0 mm Dark to light brown in colour Sturgeon caviar for connoisseurs

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Top notch sturgeon caviar Delicate and balanced aroma Grain size: 3,0 - 3,2 mm

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Luxury carviar Melts creamy-soft on the tongue Grain size: 3,2 - 3,4 mm

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Nutty finish Grain size 2.8 - 3.0 mm Gold shimmering nuances A marine delicacy!

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A marine delicacy Mild and balanced Grain size: 3,0 - 3,2 mm

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Nutty finish Grain size 2.7 - 2.8 mm Dark brown - golden brown Delicate taste!

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First class black caviar Spicy sturgeon caviar Grain size: 2,5 - 2,8 mm

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1x 50g each: Royal Premium Gold, Premium & Select In the original caviar tin! Free of charge: 1x mother-of-pearl spoon, 1x cool bag.

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1x 50g Royal Premium Gold 1x 50g Royal Premium 1x 50g Royal Select

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1x 50g each: Imperial & Imperial Gold & Osietra Caviar In the original caviar tin! Free of charge: 1x mother-of-pearl spoon, 1x cool bag.

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1x 50g Imperial Gold Caviar 1x 50g Imperial Caviar 1x 50g Osietra Caviar

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1x 50g Royal Premium 1x 50g Royal Beluga 1x 50g Royal Select 1x 50g Imperial Caviar 1x 50g Osietra Caviar

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1 x 125g Royal Premium, 1 x 125g Royal Select Free of charge: 300g salmon fillet, 1g saffron, 1x mother-of-pearl spoon, 1x small cooler bag, 1x ice pack.

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Original price was: 970,60 €.Current price is: 806,00 €.

1 x 125g Royal Beluga & 1 x 125g Premium Gold Free of charge: 1 salmon fillet, 1g saffron, 1x caviar spoon, 1x cooling bag, 1x ice pack


Quantity: 16 Mini Blinis Diameter: 5 cm Net weight: 135g


For unadulterated caviar enjoyment Lenght: ca. 10 cm, round shape With discreet engraving


Perfect for the road With Royal Caviar Branding


Iranian caviar bowl made of metal, silver-plated


Caviar bowl made of mother-of-pearl For unadulterated caviar enjoyment


Crystal Glass Caviar Bowl Finished with 925 sterling silver

Quality like wild caviar

Furthermore, our premium caviar varieties benefit from the large and firm grain of Beluga caviar and the beautiful golden colour of Osietra. Due to excellent conditions and bundled experience, our sturgeon roe achieves a quality that is otherwise only known from Persian wild caviar. The hybrid fish inherits the maturation period from the Osietra and takes about 6–7 years. This is another reason why we can guarantee you a favourable price.

Sturgeon caviar producing in natural lake landscape

For really excellent sturgeon caviar, it is already a lot to consider when raising the sturgeon. Most importantly, the sturgeons have fresh water and ample space. That is why our sturgeon farm is a very extensive, natural lake landscape. They provide the animals with enough space and water, which ensures a species-appropriate attitude.

Caviar master with 40 years of experience in sturgeon caviar breeding

Also on the quality of the feed must fit the needs of the fish. It is all the more important to look after the sturgeon caviar breeding with an experienced caviar master. A good caviar master has many years of experience in caviar breeding and, of course, knows which feed a sturgeon fish needs at each stage of the maturation process.

For many years, Royal Caviar has been in close contact with just such a caviar master, who started his career in the Caspian Sea over 40 years ago and now manages a 573 square kilometre breeding facility.

Our sturgeon caviar selection

After many years of maturation, our sturgeon finally has the time to face our strict selection criteria. Based on the nature of the grain, the caviar differs in:

  • the colour
  • Taste and aftertaste
  • the size and strength of the grain

Based on these criteria we offer 4 quality levels: RoyalRoyal SelectRoyal Premium and Royal Premium Gold. Not enough, we have been offering you as a coronation also our absolute luxury caviar: Our Royal Beluga sturgeon caviar.

Sturgeon Caviar by Royal Caviar stands for quality and pure enjoyment

Our many years of experience and our selection principle are the basis for a trusting relationship and a guarantee for your enjoyment — grain by grain. Of course, caviar from our company impresses with consistent freshness at all times. In processing, the use of preservatives such as e.g. Salt reduced to the necessary minimum (2-3%). Our sturgeon caviar tastes like pure caviar!