Gourmet-Set Luxury

1 x 125g Royal Beluga & 1 x 125g Premium Gold
Free of charge:
1 salmon fillet, 1g saffron, 1x caviar spoon, 1x cooling bag, 1x ice pack

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  • Free with every caviar order! 1x caviar spoon from 125g,1x cooling bag from 750g.
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An exclusive gift or for your own enjoyment!

Our popular gourmet set : Shah caviar as well as Beluga caviar!

Enjoy 125g Royal Premium Gold caviar and 125g Royal Beluga caviar. In addition, Royal Caviar gives you as gift half a salmon fillet, a mother-of-pearl spoon and 1g of saffron. If that’s not enough, you will also receive a Royal Caviar cooling bag including a ice pack. So you can take away your Gourmet Set and enjoy it out of home.

Royal Beluga

Our Royal Beluga caviar is characterized by:

  •  The size of roe is 3.2 – 3.4 mm and it is hard
  •  Melts creamy-soft on the tongue with a beautiful and delicate after taste
  •  The color is between dark gray and gray and sometimes light gray

Royal Premium Gold

Our Shah Caviar, Royal Premium Gold is characterized by:

  • The size of roe is 3.00 – 3.2 mm and it is hard
  • Fine creamy taste and after taste is nutty
  • With a shiny nice gold color

Our highest quality for you

Generally we sell only Malossol caviar. This means for you: we are mixing the salt during the production processing, as les as possible (2-3%).
Detailed information about the ingredients can be found in the nutritional values and ingredients section.
Our caviar has a shelf life of at least 6 weeks when refrigerated and unopened, see the labels on the tin.

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