Caviar Gift-Set (3x50g) – Russian Sturgeon

1x 50g each:
Imperial & Imperial Gold & Osietra Caviar
In the original caviar tin!
Free of charge:
1x mother-of-pearl spoon, 1x cool bag.


2.462,00  2.040,00  / kg

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  • Free with every caviar order! 1x caviar spoon from 125g,1x cooling bag from 750g.
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Give the gift of our Royal Caviar Set in original caviar tin

With our Royal Caviar gift set you give an exclusive selection of caviar varieties in an attractive original caviar tin.
And with 10% discount compared to the single purchase!
A special gift for caviar lovers.
Free of charge: 1x mother-of-pearl spoon and 1x cooling bag with 1x cooling battery.

The set consists of 1 x 50g caviar tin each:

Imperial Caviar

  • Fine taste, nutty finish
  • 2.8 – 3.0 mm firm grain
  • Light brown to amber color with gold shimmer

Imperial Gold Caviar

  • Mild, balanced taste, melts creamy-soft on the tongue
  • 3,0 – 3,2 mm medium sized, firm grain
  • Golden color with shimmering accents

Osietra Caviar

  • nutty finish, delicate gusto of a surf
  • 2,7 – 2,8 mm medium sized, firm grain
  • Dark brown to golden brown

Ingredients, Durability and Storage

All our caviar types are malossol caviar and thus low in salt. With Royal Caviar you can enjoy the genuine caviar pleasure. For detailed information on the ingredients, see Ingredients and Nutrition Facts.
Of course, sturgeon roe from our company impresses with consistent freshness at all times. All our sturgeon caviar varieties are unopened in the refrigerator at 4 ° C for at least 8 weeks. Open the sturgeon roe in the refrigerator with firmly pressed lid for about 1-2 days. Please note the sticker with the current usage date on its box.

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