Information about the ingredients

Nahaufnahme von Stör Kaviar

Calorific values:

100g caviar from Royal Caviar corresponds to energy 316 kcal / 1322 kJ.

Fats, proteins and carbohydrates:

100g caviar from Royal Caviar have the following proportions:

  • Fats 20.8g (equivalent to 20.8%), of which 5.5g saturated (5.5%)
  • Proteins 28.4g (equivalent to 28.4%)
  • Carbohydrates 3.8g (equivalent to 3.8%), of which 0.0g sugar (0%)
  • Salt 1.4g (equivalent to 1.4%)

List of ingredients

Ingredients per 100g of caviar:

  • Sturgeon roe: 98.28g = 98.28%
  • Salt: 1.4g = 1.4%
  • Preservative: Borax E285: 0.32g = 0.32%


Caviar is the roe of sturgeon, a fish product. It contains fish.

Reduction of salinity for higher caviar pleasure

A low salinity makes a noticeable positive taste. Caviar by Royal Caviar retains its real caviar flavor and, thanks to its small salt content, lives up to its name “Malossol”.

Our caviar, at 1.4 percent, has a smaller amount of salt than many other suppliers, often with higher salt content. This was also shown by comparative tastings in our business premises.

Compliance with the limits for preservatives

In the food industry, the additive Borax (E 285) may be used for the preservation of sturgeon caviar (caviar) in accordance with the Additive Licensing Ordinance of 29.01.1998 Annex 5 C L2, whereby a total maximum of 4g / kg of boric acid may not be exceeded.

Our caviar, at 0.32 percent, has a smaller share of borax than the legislature has set as a limit.

Additional Information

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