Exquisite Caviar Recipe Recommendations from our Star Chefs

Some chefs of the star cuisine have provided their culinary creations with our sturgeon caviar for you. Let the caviar recipes inspire you!

Mixed set of spirits 2.0

by Star chef Juan Amador

Caviar with a Potato-Leek-Composition

by Chef de Cuisine Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex

Tartare with caviar and pine nuts

by Kitchen Director Christof Lang

Mildly cooked faroe Salmon

by Top chef Martin Rehmann

Carbonara, Ham, Caviar and Parmesan

by chef Daniel Schimkowitsch

Crispy Beetroot

by Star chef Peter Maria Schurr

Cold Tartare of young Courgettes

by Star chef Peter Maria Schurr

Langoustine Annika Maria

by Star chef Peter Maria Schurr

La Ratte-Potato Tartlets with Caviar

by Star chef Douce Steiner

Vitello Tonnato

by Star chef Florian Vogel