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Caviar has always been considered the symbol of exclusive fine food and everyone who has ever known anything about caviar,
have heard about the historical tradition of caviar production. Our managing director Reza Korouji was born with a passion for caviar.

Stör Kaviar serviert mit Lachs

Caviar for the catering companies

Now with 20 years of experience Dr. Reza Korouji as experienced caviar master is the leader of the company “Royal Caviar” in Helgolandstraße 4 in Berlin-Schmargendorf.

The Royal Premium Caviar is producing from a cross between the Beluga and Ossietra fish. This smart solution has succeeded in combining the best characteristics of the Ossietra caviar with those of the Beluga caviar in one product. Our Royal Premium caviar convinces with its characters of a big roe of the Beluga caviar and the beautiful light color of the Ossietra caviar. It is also unique for its wonderful creamy taste like Beluga caviar and the mild nutty aftertaste like Ossietra caviar.
Just the correct product for the catering companies!

This caviar has a big and hard roe. The diameter of roe is about 3.2 mm. The roe is not sticky and the color is light and golden nuances.  Additionally to its extraordinary coloration and the very beautiful roe, the taste is very mild and pure caviar taste. This performance gives this caviar a special quality ranking. Therefore, it is not surprising that this caviar enjoys great quality ranking among the star chefs in Europe. As the production quantity of this quality has been increased in the last years, we are able to offer this caviar to our private clients and they are also able to order this premium quality via the catering companies too.
And certainly it is important for catering companies to know that our caviar is producing fresh every month throughout the year.

The most important thing for the production of high quality of caviar is that the sturgeon fishes have fresh and cool water as well as enough space for swimming. Instead of recirculation systems (Closed system) in small pools, we selected the systems that are native to rivers and lakes (open system).

Our sturgeon fishes are living in a natural lake environment that provides for the fishes enough space and fresh water.
This prepares for our fishes an ambience like wild fishes. The quality of the feed must also match the sturgeon’s needs.
A good caviar master with a lot of experience knows the needs of each fish at his period of life.

If you as a catering company also want to offer your customers something special, it is best to offer your clients the Royal Premium Caviar once instead of your previous caviar. The guests will be thrilled!