Well refrigerated… informations about the transport cold chain

Ein Schwarm Störe schwimmt im klaren Wasser

Right from the start: at the beginning of caviar production, our fish swim in chilly seawater and not in a heated basin as it is usually done.

We exclusively select…

… caviar of different type and quality. Our caviar master pays high attention to the right chilled temperature and it his long year experience which helps him to determine the date of expiry. We select your caviar right after order and pack it up shortly after in food-safe tins in a refrigerated Styrofoam box, so that the product arrives well chilled at your home – in Germany maybe even the next day before noon.

A certificate is good —

Royal Caviar guaranties an uninterrupted cold chain at every station. For this reason we can ensure that the product arrives at your home still as fresh and delicious. Our caviar is HACCP certified, an acronym for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”. It is a worldwide program which controls the compliance with the temperature on the route of transport, from the producer to the online seller.

— but control is better

Thick Styrofoam boxes ensure that the caviar stays refrigerated during the transport and is still chilled when it arrives at your home. We control regularly with a data logger the temperature of the caviar. The continuous cooling of this first-class product is necessary to extend the keeping quality and prevent germs.

Express: Prompt deliveries

Express delivery guaranties an uninterrupted cold chain, because the product usually arrives the next day. Please keep the caviar in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4°C immediately after reception. Standard delivery guaranties a cold chain, too. We recommend though an Express delivery. Mostly Express deliveries are free.

Make further use of the thermal packs

We have different ways to keep the caviar cool during its journey. Dispose the chilly cubes with dry ice (no picture), but keep the thermal packs for further occasion (see picture). Before using, please clean it and dry it and store in the refrigerator.

In the refrigerator…

The high quality caviar can be kept up to two days at a temperature of 4°C after opening. Please verify the date of expiry on the banderole.