Langoustine „Annika Maria“

Recipe recommendation from star chef Peter Maria Schnurr

Peter Maria Schurr is a star chef from “FALCO”, at the Westin Hotel in Leipzig

“For me, there is currently no alternative to Royal Caviar in terms of creaminess, perfect salt ratio, nuttiness and the consistency of the grain. Simply top-shelf!”

Star chef Peter Maria Schurr

Ingredients for Langoustine „Annika Maria“

  • 4 pcs Langoustines Royale
  • 4 slices of lardo
  • 4 pieces Granny Smith apples
    (3 pieces for juice – 1 piece for very thin julienne)
  • 50 g natural créme fraîche from Échirée
  • 80 g Caviar Royal Premium


Add 6 sheets of gelatine to 1 litre of “apple juice”.Mix apple julienne into apple jelly to bind.Break out the langoustines / pull out the intestines / slice from the back slightly to the left & right / lightly sugar, salt and pepper / drizzle with a few drops of lime olive oil / leave to marinate for 7-8 minutesPlace apple julienne lengthways on the langoustines / drizzle with crème fraîche / finish with Royal Premium caviar.