The art of caviar production

there are a lot of items  to consider already during the breeding of the sturgeons to achieve the excellent quality of caviar.

The right habitat and breeding system

The most important thing  for the production of high quality of caviar is that the sturgeon fishes have fresh and cool water as well as enough space for swimming. Instead of recirculation systems (Closed system) in small pools, we selected the systems that are native to rivers and lakes (open system).

Our sturgeon fishes are living in a natural lake environment that provides for the fishes enough space and fresh water via an area of over 500 square kilometers lake. This prepares for our fishes an ambience like wild fishes.

The quality of the feed must also match the sturgeon’s needs.

A good caviar master with a lot of experience knows the needs of each fish at his period of life. Several times by year we send our caviar specialist and a biologist to the production site to check the healthy conditions of the fish. We maintain a very active and close contact with our caviar master, who has been producing caviar by the Caspian Sea for over 40 years and is responsible for the excellent quality of our caviar.

This allows us to guarantee you the best quality of caviar.

The smart trick with the best sturgeon species

The investment and R&D are for the sturgeon breeding very high, especially for the production of high quality of caviar. This cannot be managed by most of caviar producers.

As we are involved since more than 20 years with the caviar production, we are aware about this and our team is obligated to achieve the best quality of caviar by each production.

But how can we offer our customers an extremely high quality, but still relatively very cheap caviar from sustainable breeding?

We have found a clever solution by crossing between Beluga and Ossetra fishes. The crossing is done in such a way that the best characteristics of the Ossetra caviar are combined with the best characteristics of the Beluga caviar.

Our hybrid fish inherits the maturing time of about 6 to 7 years from the Ossetra and is therefore much faster maturing in comparison with Beluga fishes. This also results in favorable production’s costs.

Our Hybrid caviar bears the characteristics of a big roes from the Beluga fish and the beautiful golden color from the Ossetra fish. In terms of taste, it is a unique taste of the wonderful creamy flavor from the Beluga caviar and the mild nutty aftertaste from the Ossetra caviar.

We are happy to pass on these smart advantages to you too.