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  1. We recommend buying the Royal Premium or Royal Select. A prime quality sturgeon!
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Royal Premium Caviar
Royal Premium Kaviar
The best caviar off-the-shelf: mild, with a big grain and a nutty aftertaste. Royal Premium has a light, golden shaded colour
Royal Select Caviar
Royal Select Kaviar
Royal Select caviar is a low-salted sturgeon roe of the best quality. The result of a multilevel selection.

We are the specialists for sturgeon caviar

Royal Caviar specialised in sturgeon caviar. When you are not sure which type to choose, please call us and ask our caviar experts. Also, you can find the right best-before date by calling 030 40 50 46 50.

Shelf life of the caviar

Keep the caviar unopened and cool until the imprinted best-before date. Our tins have a shelf life of minimum 6 weeks. Please do not put the Royal Caviar in a freezer. The perfect cooling temperature is from 0 up to 2°C, but a normal fridge is also appropriate. The best-before date is only available for unopened tins. After opening, please consume it within a few days. Once opened, the tins can be kept hermetically sealed in the fridge for 1 to 2 days. Please use a clean caviar spoon for portioning.

Tips for a caviar regalement

Please do not use metallic spoons for consuming or portioning, since it can affect the taste. herefore, Royal Caviar offers you special nacre caviar spoons. Without claim for payment, we enclose a spoon as a gift, so that regular customers have a sumptuous collection. Glass and nacre are suitable for serving. Please pay attention by purchasing to the firmness and size of the caviar pearls.

Grain sizes by comparison

While the Baerii caviar, the classical caviar of Siberian sturgeon, and the Sevruga have a grain of less than 2,0mm diameter, the Beluga, known as the real European caviar, has a diameter of 2,5 up to 3,5 mm. Royal Premium Caviar, our high-quality caviar that we once sold only to sophisticated restaurants, has this size. The pearls of some type of Ossietra or Imperial Caviar usually have 2,0 to 3,0 mm diameter. With Royal Premium you cannot go wrong.

Breed caviar or wild caviar – which one is the best?

Opinions differ on this point. As a sturgeon caviar expert, we tried different aquaculture caviar and we concluded that our Royal Select Caviar a breed caviar can absolutely rival with the wild caviar and that our real Royal Premium Caviar outpace it. Try it for yourself!

Buy online Royal Premium Caviar.