Royal Caviar

This high-quality caviar is often bought by private customers looking to try this mild caviar for the first time. This exquisite, subtle sturgeon caviar goes through a rigorous selection process before it can be packaged and sent to our customers. Our standard grade caviar has a beautiful, dark colour that shimmers in subtle tones of grey and black. The grain of this type of caviar is around 2 mm..

But this doesn't come close to the grain and colour of our best selection of caviar. The grain of our Royal Select is larger and firmer. The grain of our top quality Royal Premium sturgeon caviar is around 3.5 mm and has an attractive, lighter colour.

Royal Caviar can be stored in the fridge for up to 6 weeks. A precise best before date is printed on each individual can.


Royal Caviar is a fine-grain, black, sturgeon caviar of the Malossol variety.