Royal Select Caviar

Royal Select is our caviar for connoisseurs. It goes through two selection phases, during which only the best eggs are chosen for our customers. Our Royal Select Caviar has an impressive 2,5 mm grain and a dark, even colour. Royal Select is especially popular with our private customers with high standards when it comes to caviar.

The sturgeon that produce this caviar are a cross between beluga and Ossetra sturgeon. This mild caviar has a low salt content, which gives it its nickname, Malossol. A small amount of salt is required to preserve the caviar. The term 'Malossol' comes from Russian, literally meaning 'little salt'. In summer, a slightly higher salt content is necessary due to the effect outdoor temperatures can have on the shelf life of the caviar. In winter, on the other hand, the caviar has an even lower salt content. For the purposes of preservation, Royal Select Caviar has an added salt content of just 1 - 3 %. This is the optimal way of preserving the caviar's original flavour.

You can store the freshly packed caviar for up to 6 weeks in the fridge at 4°C. Please also check the best before date, which is printed on each individual tin.

Royal Select

Royal Select Caviar is a mildly salted sturgeon roe of the highest quality. This is the exquisite result of a rigorous, multi-stage selection process.