The art of caviar

For a truly excellent caviar, a lot has to be considered, starting with the breeding of the sturgeons.

Kaviar kunstvoll gereicht

The right habitat

The most important thing, to start with, is fresh water and enough space for the sturgeons. Instead of recirculation systems in cramped ponds, we choose sites close to lakes and rivers.

Our sturgeons live in a natural environment, which offers them more than 500 square kilometres of underwater space for a species-appropriate husbandry.

The quality of food must also match with the fish needs – a good caviar master with plenty of experience knows what the fish needs in its different stadiums for a proper and healthy development. Several times a year, we send a caviar specialist and a biologist to the area of production to control the health of the fish. To guarantee the best quality, we maintain a close contact to the Iranian caviar specialist who products caviar at the Caspian Sea since 40 years and who is responsible for the excellent quality of our roe.

Störzucht im offenen Wasser - Beispiel einer runden Anlage

The clever trick with the best sturgeon species

The time and effort, that has to be put into the sturgeon breeding is enormous and cannot be assured by cheap caviar sellers. However, we do not dread the task- we are specialists.

But how can we offer you such an excellent caviar from sustainable breeding for such a relatively cheap price?

We have found a clever solution by crossbreeding chosen Beluga and Ossetra fish. The crossbreeding is conducted as following: the best characteristics of the Ossetra caviar are combined with the best characteristics of the Beluga. The hybrid inherits an early adolescent age of about 6-7 years and reaches the mature age much faster than the Ossetra. As a result the costs of production become cheaper and the sturgeon world population does not decrease.

Creamy and nutty

Our Royal Premium is characterised by its big Beluga grain and its beautiful golden Ossetra colour. The wonderful and creamy flavour of the Beluga-caviar and the mild-nutty aftertaste of the Ossetra-caviar combine to create a unique taste.

We’ll highly appreciate it, if you taste it.