Delivery conditions for EU-countries

France, Austria, Denmark, Belgium and Italy

Within the EU we supply Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy and Austria:

  • UPS Standard: 29,90 €
  • UPS Express Saver: 29,90 €

Further EU-countries

For further EU-countries (except Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Belgium and Italy), please see the conditions below:

  • UPS Standard: 29,90 €
  • UPS Express Saver: 74,90 €

Indications for deliveries within the European Union:

For orders above 400€, there is no delivery charge. The ‘cash on delivery’ charge amounts to 15 €. We do not supply overseas territories or customs territories outside of the EU. This includes: Helgoland (Germany), Åland (Finland), Gibraltar (United Kingdom). Territories which cannot be supplied by UPS Standard within three days (Greece, Bulgaria, most parts of Scandinavia…), will be supplied by UPS Express instead of standard delivery. The costs for the express delivery will be taken in charge by the customer. In this case, Royal Caviar will contact the customer before sending the order. The delivery time will depend on UPS. Please take a look here for regular delivery times.

Other countries – other languages

Read up on the delivery conditions within Germany. Find here the delivery conditions for countries which are not part of the European Union.

You wish to be advised or you want to order in a different language? Please contact one of the following e-mail addresses:

English: orders-en(at)
Francais: commandes-fr(at)
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